Already 6 years working band in the classical revival composition of Metallica, which is known not only among people in the Czech. Among our successes are not only regular international touring in Europe, as well as joint concerts with legends such as band Arakain, Ales Brichta (AB Band), who came to us to play Metallica songs and his own creation, Rybičky 48 or slovak legend Tublatanka.

Selection of our repertoire falls within the period of Metallica, and therefore on our concerts you will hear songs from all albums released Metallica. We try to make what most intimate performance at every concert, and so on stage MRB you can see the same set of drums as the Lars Ulrich has, the same apparatus Jason Newsted bass, the legendary Explorer shape guitar made ​​famous by James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet guitar amp – MesaBoogie.

See list see below /for OSA/.

    Master Of Puppets
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    Welcome Home [Sanitarium]
    Sad But True
    Enter Sadman
    Throught The Never
    Nothing Else Matters
    Die Die My Darling
    One Metallica
    King Nothing
    Creeping Death
    Seek And Destroy
    Am I Evil
    Whiskey In The Jar
    Fade To Black
    Leper Messiah
    So What
    And Justice For All
    The Four Horseme
    Until In Sleeps
    Memory Remains
    No Remorse
    The Day That Never Comes
    The God that Faild
    Hit the Lights